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My life is chaos; the world is chaos, but Nate Birkey's new record, Rome, calms me right down. It's a beautiful thing: sweet, smart, sophisticated, artful, and very cool. And not dopey cool, either, not faux cool --  the genuine article, the real deal, the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, the snake's hips, the spider's ankles... Rome wears its intelligence lightly; it's steeped in homage and history, but its articulate lyricism remains expressively modern and original.

Recorded in Rome, Italy, 2017

Nate Birkey; Trumpet
Roberto Tarenzi; piano
Manuel Magrini; piano
Luca Bulgarelli; bass
Alessandro Marzi; drums


1. Adriatico

2. You Go to My Head

3. Estate                                                

4. Cinema Paradiso

5. Our Spanish Love Song

6. How I Find You

7. Windmills Of Your Mind

8. Let’s Get Lost

9. Roma di Notte

10. Enea

11. Bianca

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